Scan2Bid Mobile Phone Barcodes

Introduction to Scan2Bid Mobile Phone Barcodes

Scan2Bid Codes are for printing on websites and TV shopping channels. They are great for penny auctions type applications. Each time a Scan2Bid Code is scanned the mobile phone owner is charged a standard Premium Rate SMS (eg. £0.50, £1.00, £1.50, £3.00...). It is this reverse billing that pays for their bid, instead of them purchasing blocks of credits.

Scan to SMS "HORSETIPS" to 841184

What happens when I scan a Scan2Bid Code?

Scanning a Scan2Bid Code will result in you sending a Premium Rate SMS to a 5 digit number and a ShortCode; just like when you buy a ringtone for your mobile. Your mobile phone bill will be charged for this scan. The company who owns the Scan2Bid Code will know your mobile phone number and may contact you should your "Bid" win.

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