Mobile Phone eCommerce

Introduction to Mobile Phone eCommerce

The mobile phone is always by our side these days, and they continue to get more powerful. eCommerce is what allows your clients to purchase your goods and services electronically. Modern mobile phones can do much more than simple voice calls, and if you tap into this you could save thousands of pounds in labour and greatly increase your sales. Now a person with a Mobile Phone can purchase your goods or services without making a voice call, being at their desktop computer, or coming to see your store.
Mobile Phone eCommerce

Mobile Phone eCommerce Solutions

A few technologies exist that allow you to target the mobile phone eCommerce market today:

  1. Conventional PC targeted website
  2. .mobi / WAP designed websites
  3. Scan2Buy

1 - Conventional PC targeted website  
For: No additional cost - uses existing website Mobile Phone eCommerce
Against: Poor mobile phone support
Slow load times
High Internet usage costs to users
2 - .mobi / WAP designed websites
For: Great mobile phone support
Low Internet usage costs to users
Against: Limited payment gateway providers
Slow to enter your personal details
Some security issues
Mobile Phone eCommerce
3 - Scan2Buy
For: Great mobile phone support
Low Internet usage costs to users
Supports all payment gateway providers
VERY fast for user to make purchases
No development costs
Against: User must have a mobile phone with built-in camera

Mobile Phone eCommerce Conclusion

Scan2Buy is the Mobile Phone eCommerce solution for forward thinking companies looking to maximise their profits and tap into the growing Mobile Phone eCommerce market.

Taking a picture of barcode in a newspaper article or billboard advert is huge in Japan for giving out Promo Codes. Scan2Buy combined with the leading payment gateways brings this technology to you and your clients.

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