Scan2Buy Prices

End-User Prices

People purchasing items using Scan2Buy codes do so at NO CHARGE.

Business Account Subscription

In order to market your products with Scan2Buy codes, you need an active Scan2Buy account.

We cater for companies of all sizes, and offer different levels of support:
"Basic" - Email support
"Premium" - Basic + daytime telephone support (8am to 6pm GMT)
"Platinum" - 24/7 telephone support

12 months "Basic" subscription costs £240.
12 months "Premium" subscription costs £1,920.
12 months "Platinum" subscription - call to discuss your requirements.

If your subscription elapses, your Scan2Buy codes remain (you don't need to re-buy them), but they will be temporarily disabled meaning End-Users will not be taken to the payment gateway (or desired destination of your code).

Each time a user makes use of one of your Scan2Buy Codes we charge you £0.05, BUT The first 400 per month are FREE.

Put a different way:
1) Active Scan2Buy accounts start at £20 per month.

2) 400+ clients using Scan2Buy per month (over the year) will cost you £0.05 per referal.

Scan2Buy Code Generation

Scan2Buy codes are generated per product you wish to sell using Scan2Buy.
You are emailed your Scan2Buy codes as gif files and you are free to publish them anywhere you like.

Qty Unit Price
1-9 £20.00
10-49 £17.50
50-199 £15.00
200-999 £12.50
1000+ Please Call
*All prices are ex VAT
Note: The tenth code added to your account will cost £17.50, the fiftieth £15.00.

Resellers of Scan2Buy

If you are interested in selling Scan2Buy codes please contact us for details.

Scan2Buy Authorised Resellers:
United Kingdom Canada European Union United States Artificial Intelligence ForBrains Ltd +44 700 3 400 332
Canada Software Shadow Software & Consulting Inc +1 778 899 8031
United Kingdom European Union Lithuania Russia United States Bespoke Internet Technology SORPS +370 520 78158
Australia IT Project Management Total Connextion Pty Ltd +61 7 5564 7754
United Kingdom European Union United States Packaging Brand Imaging Solutions Ltd +44 161 8 666 102
United Nations Real-Time Analytics mobileSTATS Ltd +44 700 3 400 332
United Kingdom European Union Secure Promotions Enable Marketing & Promotions Ltd +44 193 4 734 816
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