Barcode Mail Order Catalogue

Do you produce mail ordering catalogues?

If so, Scan2Buy allows people to instinctively buy there-and-then using their mobile phone while looking through your mail order catalogue or direct mail material. Clients can buy within seconds and without having to overcome any fear of telephoning, going online using their computer or getting to one of your stores.

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In Shrewsbury it's 15oC and Mostly Cloudy. It's 18/06/18 11:06 GMT so local time in Shrewsbury is 18/06/18 11:06 with sunrise at 4:46 am and sunset at 9:38 pm. Visibility is currently 25.91 km and we have a 28.97 km/h wind W (270o). The humidity in Shrewsbury is 65% and the air pressure is 1005 mb.