Downloadable Book Material

Are you a book publisher?

If so, Scan2Buy allows owners of your books to download additional materials (e.g. exercises, interactive tests, promotional material, preview other books by the same author...).

Scan2Buy can also be used by book publishers to increase revenue by selling an MP3 audio file of the book being read. Readers scan the code with their mobile, buy the MP3, then download it to their mobile. Literally within a minute they can be listening to the book being read to them through their mobile phone headphones.

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In Shrewsbury it's 15oC and overcast clouds. It's 27/10/21 03:41 GMT so local time in Shrewsbury is 27/10/21 03:41 with sunrise at 06:58Z and sunset at 16:50Z. Visibility is currently 10 km and we have a 31.392 km/h wind SW (223o). The humidity in Shrewsbury is 86% and the air pressure is 1014 mb.