TV Shopping Barcode Advertising Banners

Do you do TV advertising, or advertising on electronic billboards?

If so, Scan2Buy allows people to instinctively buy there-and-then using their mobile phone within seconds without having to overcome any fear of telephoning - perfect for TV advertising campaigns.

TV Shopping Barcode Advertising Banners
TV Shopping Barcode Advertising Banners

Television Broadcasting of 2D Barcodes

The Scan2Buy Codes you see on this website are for Computer Screens and Printing purposes. If you intend to broadcast Scan2Buy Codes on television we will produce two versions of each Code for you: one for printing and websites, and one for TV broadcasting. Both Codes contain exactly the same information but the TV version is specially designed for television broadcasting so that it will be readable from all aspect ratio television sets (i.e. 4:3, 16:9, ...) and will work with television smart, zoom, widescreen & letterbox modes.

Bluetooth Televisions

With bluetooth televisions and separate data streams hidden within the television broadcast signals you can now send marketing / contact information directly into the palm of your viewers. Television viewers with bluetooth enabled on their mobile phone (and security paired to their television set) can now get messages on their phone screen directing them to your website, sales telephone number, or direct into a payment page for the item being sold. Broadcast a special invisible Scan2Buy Code in your television advert and your viewers can be taken directly to your payment gateway with the item your are promoting automatically in the "shopping cart". It'll be sometime before these television sets are main stream but this technology will see the end of having to scan the Codes off the television screen.

Advanced Common Application Platform

On the 12th of February 2009 the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) published document A/101A on the Advanced Common Application Platform (ACAP). This technology extends the features of residential cable television in the field of two-way communication. Scan2Buy, and sister technologies, will be extended to support the ACAP as soon as the standard becomes adopted by a major manufacturer.
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